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About Us

Special Touch Disaster Restoration, LLC has maintained a standard of 100% customer satisfaction by consistently hiring the best staff in the industry and using a “common sense” approach. The phrase “common sense” really breaks down into two components: do the job as if it were your own property, and communicate the phases of the work being performed with everyone involved.  Read More →



Commercial water, fire or storm losses are unique due to the many different types of businesses. For example, a restaurant has a different set of priorities to get back to operating than a manufacturing facility. Special Touch’s experience in working losses with a wide range of different business gives us the knowledge of what needs immediate attention. Our ability to get a business back up and running doesn’t stop with experience and education, it continues through our equipment inventory.  Read More →

Residential & Multi-Family


When something tragic happens to your home due to a fire, water or storm damage, your world is turned upside down. There is a sense of unstableness and the questions like “What do I do now?” “Who do I call?” come to your mind. More times than not when your home and its contents are effected by the perils mentioned above, your homeowners or renters insurance policy will cover the costs of the repairs and cleaning of the contents. Read More →

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